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• Notre Dame Men: Bobby Clark  |  Senior Defenders
• Maryland Men: Sasho Cirovski  |  Zach Steffen
New Mexico Men: Jeremy Fishbein  |  Kyle Venter  |  Ben McKendry
• Virginia
 Men: George Gelnovatch  |  Todd Wharton

2013 Men's College Cup Press Conferences & Media Events (video)
Dec. 12: NM  |  VA  (also see cs360 content linked above)
Dec. 13: ND (+ short montage)  |  MD (courtesy cs360)  |  NM  |  VA  
(cs360 edited versions to be added)
Dec. 14: ND (und.com)
Dec. 15: ND  |  MD (to be posted by CS360)

Video Highlights: ND vs. NM  |  MD vs. VA  |  ND vs. MD (plus celebration)

Bonus Division 3 Exclusive (from CS360)
coaches Scott Frey & Brad McCarty Part-1 & Part-2
(after both women's & men's teams won 2012 NCAA titles; 
Messiah men won their 10th title in 2013)


2012 DI Men's College Cup (final weekend; semifinals on 12-7-12 & final on 12-8-12)
(all video links in process of being produced & added)
Indiana final – part-1 & part-2 (Todd Yeagley, Luis Soffner, Eriq Zavaleta & Nikita Kotlov; 12-9-12)
Georgetown final postgame (Brian Wiese, Ian Christianson & Tommy Muller; 12-9-12)
• Indiana off-day press conference (Todd Yeagley, Luis Soffner & Eriq Zavaleta; 12-8-12)
• Georgetown off-day press conf. (Brian Wiese, Steve Neumann, Tommy Muller, Andy Riemer; 12-8)
• Indiana semifinal (Todd Yeagley, Luis Soffner, Femi Hollinger-Janzen & Caleb Konstanski; 12-7-12)
Georgetown semifinal (Brian Wiese, Steve Neumann, Ian Christianson & Tomas Gomez; 12-7-12)

• Maryland semifinal postgame (Sasho Cirovski, Patrick Mullins & Shillo Tshuma; 12-7-12)
• Creighton semifinal postgame (Elmar Bolowich, Jose Gomz, Andrew Ribeiro & Jeff Gal; 12-7-12)

• Georgetown coach
Brian Wiese – part-1 and part-2  (12-6-12)
• Creighton players Andrew Ribeiro & Jeff Gal  (12-6-12)
• Indiana player Eric Zavaleta  (12-6-12)
• Georgetown players Andy Riemer & Jimmy Nealis  (12-6-12)
• San Diego coach Seamus McFadden, plus players Christian Duke & Elijah Galbraith-Knapp (12-3-12)


CollegeSoccer360 was the only national-media outlet in attendance throughout the 2012             walkthough/media session for the 2011 D-I Men's Soccer College Cup championship weekend. CS360 also was the only media outlet of any kind to visit with coaches and players from all four teams and has continued to record video coverage of the various press conferences (plus some CS360 bonus video). We're happy to share these video interviews with college soccer fans (links in process of being added) ...

Full-HD video links (edited & re-formatted) are in the process of being added below:

CLICK HERE for bonus video (cs360 1-on-1) with UAB head coach Mike Getman, discussing the College Cup, his career, the UAB team and more.

• Championship Day, postgame  (Carlos Somoano/Scott Goodwin/Ben Speas/Kirk Urso; 12/11/11)
• Off-Day Press Conference  (SomoanoMatt Hedges/Enzo Martinez/Urso; 12/10/11)
 Semifinal Postgame  (Somoano/Goodwin/Billy Schuler/Speas; 12/9/11)
• Kirk Urso, practice day  (12/8/11)
Carlos Somoano, practice day  (12/8/11)

• Championship Day, postgame ... Part-1 and Part-2  (Gunn/Cowles/Rodriguez/Beaulieu)
Jeremy Gunn, 1-on-1  (CS360 bonus video; 12/10/11)
Off-Day Press Conference  (Gunn/Smith/Davis/Darby; 12/10/11)
• Semifinal, postgame ... Part-1 and Part 2  (Gunn/Cowles/Rodriguez/Smith; 12/9/11)
Coach Jeremy Gunn  (Practice Day; 12/8/11)
Tyler Gibson, practice day  (12/8/11)
Isaac Cowles, practice day  (12/8/11)

Semifinal Postgame  (Elmar Bolowich, Ethan Finlay, Brian Holt; 12/9/11)
Brian Holt, 1-on-1  (CS360 bonus video; 12/9/11) 
Coach Elmar Bolowich  (Practice Day; 12/8/11)  
Ethan Finlay, p
ractice day  (12/8/11)
Brian Holt, practice day  (12/8/11)

Semifinal Postgame  (Salcedo/Hoffman/Rose/Hollinshead/Rowe; 12/9/11)
Chandler Hoffman, practice day  (12/8/11)
Eddie Soto, assistant coach  (practice day; 12/8/11)