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2011-15 SEASONS (scroll down)  |  2010 SEASON   |   2009 SEASON

(note: also may include some D2 and D3)

2015 SEASON:

> Duke sophomore defender Schuyler Debree visits with CollegeSoccer360’s Pete LaFleur (via Skype) on Dec. 3, 2015, in advance of her team’s NCAA Semifinal vs. FSU. Debree was a central part of Duke’s unique six-defender rotation this season, before being lost to a significant midseason knee injury. She took the time to discuss Duke’s defense, highlighting some of her teammates, assistant coach (UNC legend) Carla Overbeck and more.

> Billy Lesesne, first-year Georgia head coach and former Duke associate coach Billy 2001–14) discusses the Duke vs. Florida State NCAA semifinal game, in Skype visit with CS360’s Pete LaFleur on Dec. 3, 2015. Coach Lesesne also provides his unique perspective on the Duke program and head coach Robbie Church (who he coached alongside for 16 total seasons, including two before Duke at Vanderbilt). Note that a second part of this video, in which Lesesne discusses his UGa program, will be posted later on CS360.

> Glenn Crooks, former Rutgers head coach (2000–13) provides great insight on the upcoming Penn State vs. Rutgers NCAA semifinal game. This file may be split into two later (also have additional comments from coach Crooks on RU alum Carly Lloyd and more, to be posted later).

> Arizona’s Tony Amato visits with CollegeSoccer360’s Pete LaFleur on Oct. 29, 2015, with a unique backdrop as darkness descends a few days after the move to daylight savings time in the southeast Denver area (the day before Arizona’s game at the Univ. of Colorado). Note that a larger version of this video may be added later.


2014 SEASON:

• DUKE 14th-year women’s soccer head coach ROBBIE CHURCH breaks down the impending NCAA final between Florida State & Virginia, in 1-on-1 visit with CS360’s Pete LaFleur (12–6–14; in Boca Raton, FL)

• STANFORD formal press conferences and exclusive video interviews with CS360’s Pete LaFleur, from 2014 College Cup … includes visit w/ sr. M Lo’eau LaBotnta (with bonus comments from her high school teammate, FSU’s Jamia Fields) … also press conferences  before/after semifinal vs. FSU (pre-College Cup with coach Paul Ratcliffe plus LaBonta and Chioma Ubogagu).

• FLORIDA STATE formal press conferences and exclusive video interviews with CS360’s Pete LaFleur, from 2014 College Cup … includes brief visit w/ sr. M Jamia Fields reflecting on her high school career w/ Stanford’s Lo’eau LaBonta (comments from LaBonta included in same video clip) … also postgame press conference after quarterfinal win over South Carolina and before/after semifinal vs. Stanford, with coach Mark Krikorian plus players Fields, Kristin Grubka, Dagny Brynjarsdottir and Kirsten Crowley.

• FLORIDA exclusive video interviews with CS360’s Pete LaFleur, in advance of NCAA quartterfinal at Stanford (sophomore forward Savannah Jordan in-depth 1-on-1 … also short visits with Tessa Andujar, Annie Speese and coach Becky Burleigh, plus Burleigh’s Monday press conference and postgame press conferences after wins over Cal and Texas Tech).

• SOUTH CAROLINA exclusive video interviews with CS360’s Pete LaFleur, in advance of NCAA quartefinal at FSU (senior defenders Taylor Leach, Christa Neary and Andie Romness; Academic All-America focus with Leach and Sabrina D’Angelo; plus postgame press conference at FSU).

• TEXAS TECH exclusive video interviews with CS360’s Pete LaFleur, in advance of round-of-16 gamea at Florida (head coach Tom Stone, plus players Jaelene Hinkle, Janine Beckie, Hannah Devine and Lauren Watson … also postgame press conferences).

• WASHINGTON women exclusive video interviews with CS360’s Pete LaFleur (head coach Lesle Gallimore, plus players Kate Bennett, Megan Kufeld, Chelsea and Christina Archer, and Havana McElvaine).

• COLORADO exclusive video interviews with CS360’s Pete LaFleur (head coach Danny Sanchez, plus top player Brie Hooks; NCAA 1st-rd postgame press conference to be added, including Sanchez and other players).

• ARIZONA STATE head coach Kevin Boyd, 1-on-1 with CS360’s Pete LaFleur.

• SOUTH DAKOTA STATE women exclusive video interviews with CS360’s Pete LaFleur (head coach Lang Wedemeyer, plus players Diana Potterveld, Nicole Hatch, Delaney Ratcliffe, Shelby Raper and Tori Poole; also team celebration, tournament awards, etc.).

(plenty more 2014 video interviews coming from CS360, with Notre Dame, Virginia, Washington State, West Virginia, BYU, Iowa, Denver, Louisville men – and even more as the NCAAs progress …)


2013 SEASON:

• UCLA Women: Midfielders (Sarah Killion/Jenna Richmond/Sam Mewis)
Lauren Kaskie (12–6)  |  Jenna Richmond (12–8)
Josh Walters & Aline Reis (from Cary, NC)
Amanda Cromwell & Gabby Miranda (10–27, at CU)

• Virginia Women: Steve Swanson (2013 College Cup; Cary, NC)
• Virginia Tech Women: Chugger Adair

Bonus Division 3 Exclusive (from CS360)
coaches Scott Frey & Brad McCarty Part-1 & Part-2
(after both women's & men's teams won 2012 NCAA titles; 
Messiah men won their 10th title in 2013)

2013 Women's College Cup Press Conferences (video)
Dec. 8: UCLA  |  Florida State (from CS360)
edited CS360 versions: UCLA  |  FSU
Dec. 7: Florida State (from CS360)  |  UCLA
Dec. 6 (postgame): UCLA  |  FSU  |  UVa  |  VT
edited CS360 versions: UCLA  |  FSU  |  UVa  |  VT

Dec. 5: UCLA (also edited CS360 version)  |  FSU  
UVa Coach & Players & Day-1 Overview  |  VT

Video Highlights/Recap: 
UCLA vs. FSU (also FSU version)  |  
FSU vs. VT  |  UCLA vs. UVa (also UVa version & montage)

More CS360 Exclusive 2013 Video Interviews:
• Nebraska: 
Emma Stevens  |  Jaycie Johnson
• Denver: Jeff Hooker  |  DU players (being posted)
Colorado: Anne Stuller (others being posted)
• Iowa: Ron Rainey  |  Hawkeyes players (being posted)
• Also Being Posted: Stanford, Michigan, Notre Dame, Western Michigan & Illinois State
Texas Tech (8-17; 1-0 exhib. at Denver): Tom Stone & group interview with Colorado natives Mallory Yacullo/Jaeline Hinkle/Janine Beckie


2012 SEASON (more being added):
Championship Final Postgame (12-2-12)
… UNC part-1 & part-2 (Dorrance, Dunn, Satara Murray & Ohai
Penn State (to be added)
• Penn State Off-Day (prior to final)
– part-1 part-2Erica Walsh, Maddy Evans Christine Nairn (12-1-12) 
• UNC Postgame (semifinal vs. Stanford)
– part-1 & part-2Anson DorranceKealia Ohai Crystal Dunn (11-30-12) 

• UNC part-1 & part-2 Pre-College Cup – DorranceAmber Brooks, Dunn & Ohai (11-29-12)
 Penn State Pre-College Cup Press Conference (excerpts) 
– Erica Walsh
Christine Nairn Kori Chapic (11-29-12)
Penn State after 2-1 NCAA semifinal vs. FSU
(2-parts; Walsh, Nairn, Maya Hayes & Erin McNulty)
Stanford Pre-College Cup Press Conference
(Paul Ratcliffe, Mariah Nogueira, Emily Oliver & Courtney Verloo)  
Florida State Pre-College Cup Press Conference
(Mark Krikorian, Tiana Brockway, Tiffany McCarty & Kelsey Wys)

• Stanford's
 Mariah Nogueira (CS360 exclusive) – part-1 & part-2  (11-22-12)
• Stanford after Quarterfinal Win over UCLA: Rachel Quon & Paul Ratcliffe  (11-23-12)
• UCLA's B.J. Snow: Pregame at Stanford & Postgame  (11-22-12 & 11-23-12)
• Oakland women's coach Nick O'SheaPart-1 … Part-2  (11-15-12)
• Oakland senior right back Alyssa Fulton  (11-15-12)
… The Golden Grizzlies have advanced in the NCAAs for the first time and were the only team to advance from the first round while taking on one of the 16 national seeds (at Ohio State). 
• UC San Diego players Ellen Wilson & Hayley Johnson (12-3-12; D2 runner-up)
• UC San Diego coach Brian McManus (12-3-12; D2 runner-up)
• Denver senior forward Kaitlin Bast  (11-9-12) 
• Denver junior forward Kristen Hamilton  (11-9-12
• Denver head coach Jeff Hooker  (11-9-12)
(also adding postgame press-conf. video from Nov. 10 win over Colorado College)


2011 SEASON:

• Senior Class, final group interview (CS360 bonus interview); 12/4/11
• Championship, College Cup postgame (players); 12/4/11
Championship, College Cup postgame (coach Ratcliffe); 12/4/11
Saturday Off-Day, College Cup press conference; part-1 of 2 (12/3/11)
• Mexican Nationals (CS360 bonus; Teresa Noyola/Alina Garciamendez/ND alum Monica Gonzalez)
• Semifinal, College Cup postgame (links to-be-added; 3-0 vs. FSU; 12/2/11)
• Pre-Tournament, College Cup press conference ... part-1 (part-2 coming); 12/1/11

DUKE ... 
• Championship, College Cup Postgame (links to-be-added); 12/4/11
Carla Overbeck – CS360 bonus interview w/ soccer all-time great/Duke's longtime def. assistant
• Saturday Off-Day, College Cup press conference (links to-be-added); 12/3/11
• Mollie Pathman – CS360 bonus interview w/ Duke's recipinent of NCAA Elite-89 Award; 12/3/11
• Semifinal, College Cup postgame (4-1 vs. Wake; 12/2/11)
• Pre-Tournament, College Cup press conference (links to-be-added)
• Coach Robbie Church – CS360 bonus (Skype; 11/24/11) ... 
Part-1  |  Part-2  |  Part-3

• Semifinal, College Cup postgame (links to-be-added; 1-4 vs. Duke; 12/2/11)
• Pre-Tournament, College Cup press conference ... part-1 and part-2  (12/1/11)

• Semifinal, College Cup postgame (links to-be-added; 0-3 vs. Stanford; 12/2/11)
• Pre-Tournament, College Cup press conference ... part-1 and part-2 (coming);  12/2/11

 Oklahoma State and Texas A&M (11/5 – 11/8; others to be added)