2012 Double Doubles (10+ goals & 10+ assists)

UPDATED: NOV. 29, 2012          Contact: Pete LaFleur  (editor@collegesoccer360.com)

Kristen Mewis A230

Another College Soccer 360 exclusive has returned –now updated to include the 2012 NCAA action through the quarterfinals – as we recognize a handful of Division I women's soccer players who hold the unique distinction of totaling 10-plus goals and 10-plus assists during the 2012 season. Only 11 players, seven of them from 2012 NCAA teams (two still playing), have reached double-digit goals and double-digit assists this season, with that short list including a pair of seniors – Dayton's Colleen Williams (18G-12A in '10; 16G-15A in '11; 17G-14A) and Boston College's Kristen Mewis (11G-14A in '11; 14G-12A in '12) – who have turned in multiple "double-double" seasons. 

Boston College senior Kristen Mewis (right)
holds the unique distinction of reaching double-digit
goals & assists in each of the past two seasons
(10G-14A in 2011; 16G-12A in '12).

Penn State midfielder Christine Nairn (10G-11A) and Stanford forward Courtney Verloo (10G-11A) – a dangerous threat on corner-kick services – will take their games to San Diego for the 2012 NCAA semifinals, as two of the most recent additions to this Double Double list.

Florida State midfielder Dagny Brynjarsdottir (9G-9A) could join the Double Double list in the final week of the 2012 season, while the closest for North Carolina is Summer Green (7G-7A).

This page may be expanded later to include info. and links on the players, along with headshots, action photos, etc.

It's highly unlikely that the 2010 season with produce any players with 20-plus goals and 20-plus assists – a feat completed only 11 times in the 31-year history of Division I women's soccer (see list at bottom of this page), by four players from Notre Dame, three from North Carolina and one each from Santa Clara, Connecticut, UC Santa Barbara and UNC Greensboro.

Double-double lists for the previous two seasons (2010-11) also are included below. CS360 earlier release the "Dynamic Duos" list for 2012, highlight teams with multiple double-digit goalscorers. Two teams located in southern Ohio – Dayton and Miami, Ohio – have the rare status of being on both the Dynamic Duos and Double Double lists for 2012. 

All research is courtesy of College Soccer 360 (please credit acordingly)

DOUBLE DOUBLES (2012 players with 10-plus goals & 10-plus assists; as of Nov. 29, 2012)

Players from teams playing in the 2012 NCAA tournament semifinals ...

• 16G-11A  CHRISTINE NAIRN  (Penn State)
… PSU's Taylor Schram had a double-double season in 2011 (12G-12A)

Players from teams that lost in the 2012 NCAA quarterfinals (season over) ...

• 16G-12A  LAURA WEINBERG  (Duke)

Players from teams that lost in the 2012 NCAA tournament second round (season over) ...

• 16G-12A  KRISTEN MEWIS  (Boston College)
… Mewis also had a double-double season in 2012 (10G-14A)

• 12G-12A  JESS KODIAK  (Miami, Ohio)

• 10G-10A  KAITLIN BRENN  (Georgetown)

Player from team eliminated in first round of the 2012 NCAA tournament (season over) ...

• 18G-10A ... RACHEL TEJADA  (Illinois State)

Players from teams not playing in the 2012 NCAA tournament (season over) ...

• 17G-14A  COLLEEN WILLIAMS  (Dayton)
… Williams also had double-doubles in '10 (18G-12A) & '11 (16G-15A), as did teammate Julia Libertin in '11 (10G-10A)

• 14G-12A ... STEPHANIE ROSE  (UNC Wilmington)

• 19G-11A  TESA McKIBBEN  (St. Francis, PA)

• 12G-11A ... JULIANA LIBERTIN  (Dayton)


2011 DOUBLE DOUBLES (2011 players with 10-plus goals & 10-plus assists)

• 15G-28A  SILVIA FUENTES  (Arkansas-Pine Bluff)

• 16G-15A  COLLEEN WILLIAMS  (Dayton)
… Williams earlier turned in a double-double season in 2010 (18G-12A), and again in 2012 (17G-14A)

• 14G-12A  MAEGAN KELLY  (Marquette)

• 12G-12A  TAYLOR SCHRAM  (Penn State)

• 14G-11A  ABI COTTAM  (Rider)

• 16G-10A  NADIA LINK  (Long Beach State)

• 14G-10A  KELSEY HUNYADI  (Kentucky)

• 10G-11A  KELLY REINWALD  (Canisius)

• 10G-10A  CHIOMA UBOGGU  (Stanford, 2011 NCAA champions)
… Stanford teammate Teresa Noyola had a double-double season in 2010 (10G-12A)

• 10G-10A  KAYLA GRIMSLEY  (South Carolina)

• 10G-10A  JULIANA LIBERTIN  (Dayton)


CLICK HERE for 2010 Doubles Doubles tribute page (list below)

2010 DOUBLE DOUBLES (2010 players with 10-plus goals & 10-plus assists)

• 18G-12A  MORGAN MARLBOROUGH  (Nebraska; set to play final season at Santa Clara in 2013)

• 18G-12A  COLLEEN WILLIAMS  (Dayton; added double-double seasons in 2011 and '12, career over)

• 11G-14A  COURTNEY JONES  (North Carolina)

• 11G-12A  KELLY REINWALD  (Canisius)

• 11G-12A  TANYA TAYLOR  (UC Irvine)

• 17G-10A  MELISSA HENDERSON  (Notre Dame, 2010 NCAA champions)

• 10G-14A  KRISTEN MEWIS  (Boston College; current BC senior in 2012)

• 12G-10A  KAYA GRIMSLEY  (South Carolina)

• 11G-10A  ROSE AUGUSTIN  (Notre Dame, 2010 NCAA champions)

• 10G-12A  TISHIA JEWELL  (Central Florida; current UCF senior in 2012)

• 10G-12A  TERESA NOYOLA  (Stanford)
… went on to win 2011 MAC Hermann Trophy a year later, as member of Stanford's NCAA title team


32G-33A ... Mia Hamm  (North Carolina; 1992) ... 97 points  (25 GP)
23G-27A ... Lindsay Tarpley  (North Carolina; 2003) ... 73 points  (27 GP)
24G-23A ... Mandy Clemens  (Santa Clara; 1999) ... 71 points  (24 GP)
23G-24A ... Katie Thorlakson  (Notre Dame; 2004) ... 70 points  (27 GP)
22G-22A ... Jenny Streiffer  (Notre Dame; 1996) ... 66 points  (26 GP)
22G-22A ... Kerri Hanks  (Notre Dame; 2006) ... 66 points  (27 GP)
21G-22A ... Sara Whalen  (Connecticut; 1997) ... 64 points  (27 GP)
26G-20A ... Cindy Daws  (Notre Dame; 1996) ... 72 points  (26 GP)
20G-26A ... Carin Jennings  (UC Santa Barbara; 1986) ... 66 points  (19 GP)
24G-20A ... Kati Kantanen  (UNC Greensboro; 1997) ... 68 points
20G-22A ... Robin Confer  (North Carolina; 1997) ... 62 points  (28 GP)